How much Vitamin C in a lime?

It’s lunch time …

My mom: I will not have Vitamin C now because I had lime in my water already.
Me: How much Vitamin C in a lime?
My mom: I don’t know. You should have known that if you study food science.
Me: I can find out about that without studying food science, mom.

Here’s the answer:

I google ‘vitamin c lime’ and found the answer in Simple English Wikipedia before the normal Wikipedia! I haven’t heard about the simple one before today. They have a quote on the top like this:

The English used in this article or section may not be easy for everybody to understand. You can help Wikipedia by making this page or section simpler.

The amount of Vitamin C per 100 g of lime in the simple version is 20 mg. It is 30 mg in the normal page. Maybe the better your English is, the more Vitamin C you will get from a lime.

So I guess the answer is 20-30 mg of vitamin c for 100 g of lime, mom.

I thought that limes should have more Vitamin C than lemons but I was wrong. For a 100 g of lemon, there is 40 mg of Vitamin C.

In the normal page, the plant source with the most mg of Vitamin C is Kakadu plum (what plum?) and the second is Camu Camu (what, again?). Again, in the simple page there is only Camu Camu at the top of the chart. You (and I) have to learn more English to know Kakadu plum.

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